Our Workshops

On this page we have put together an overview of all our offers for elementary schools and day-care centres. Please contact us if you have any questions.


Is that art or can it be thrown away?

Am I creative, am I even an artist? At least I have a lively fantasy and great powers of imagination. Let's set them to work! There are three workshops to choose from: engraving slate plaques, wall painting or modelling clay figures.

Quite pretty!

What do I like and why? Why do I like the necklace with wooden beads and the feather headdress? How did people make use of the "beauty of Nature"? And how did they transform it into pearls and pendants?

Up hill and down dale & the Stone Age Olympics

Climbing, running, crossing rivers - Palaeolithic people had to overcome countless obstacles every day when on their hunting trips. Try your hand at different »Stone Age disciplines« and experience how important teamwork is!

A sparkling idea

Making fire with two rocks - can anyone do that? It will work with a spark of imagination, some creativity and curiosity, and a little patience. And if not, there is certainly someone who can show you how it's done!

A miss is as good as a mile!

What makes a good hunter? Hunting with Stone Age weapons was not quite that easy. A spear thrower is so unwieldy. Maybe better with a bow and arrows? Just have a go!

Pretty hard! Drilling the Stone Age way

A drill made of stone, who came up with that idea? Drilling a hole in a stone with a stone - is that even possible? The proof of the pudding is in the eating. It’s pretty tough! Don’t weaken, stay hard, see it through!

Show us smoke signals, send us drum signals


Duration: 2 hours

Up to two escorts per class get free entry


Please book by sending us an E-Mail to monrepos@leiza.de or call us at +49 2631 97 72-0


Basic price per group 70.- €
(Maximum group size: 25 pupils)
plus museum admission and material costs