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This path is recommended for every season: in the spring with flowering fields and chestnut trees, on hot summer days in the shade of the woods, in the autumn under the colourful canopy and on icy winter days, when the Wied Valley transforms into a fairytale landscape adorned by bizarre ice garlands.

Nature lovers will get their money’s worth on the hike through the woods, meadows and river valley. Away from busy main routes, this secret tip offers romantic views of a varied landscape with many opportunities to observe animals and plants in peace. Red and roe deer, fox and badger cross the path on woodland trails. The Wied Valley is a paradise for waterfowl. Here you can watch ducks, grebes and herons, sometimes even kingfishers, while sheep and horses graze on the meadows.

Distance: 11 Km

Path: Forest path, altitude of about 350 metres

Route: MONREPOS / parking area to Schloss Monrepos

The forests of Monrepos already provided inspiration for Carmen Sylva, the poet and later Queen of Romania, who spent her childhood here. If you want to enjoy a short walk, if you are less mobile or travelling with small children, the Carmen Sylva Trail is the perfect choice. It connects all the historical buildings and natural monuments of Monrepos.

»Monrepos« means »My Repose«. For a good reason: the vast woods form a relaxing oasis overlooking the hectic Rhine Valley. What you seek in vain there, you will find here: fresh air and peace and quiet - apart from the birdsong, of course.

Distance: 2.5 Km

Gradient: Almost no slope, good forestry roads and asphalted paths, suitable for buggies and walking frames

Route: Schloss Monrepos to MONREPOS / parking area

MONREPOS is Rheinsteigpartner and has adapted to the special needs of hikers.
Located between the world heritage sites »Upper Middle Rhine Valley« and »Upper Germanic-Rhaetian Limes« is one of the crossroads of the well-developed hiking trail network between the romantic Rhine and the Westerwald, both of which can be reached from Monrepos within a few minutes, even on foot. Our tip: the picturesque wine village of Leutesdorf can be reached in about 2 hours on foot via the Rheinsteig and an alternative hiking route from MONREPOS.

Distance: 13 to 17 Km

Gradient: depending on the route there is a climb of either 200 or 470 metres

Route: From/to Schloss Monrepos