Our fitness-programme for archaeologists to be: These are our offers on internships in the museum, on excavation and in laboratories.

Museum Internship

Conveys the full range of activities in the museum. From educational work in the museum, exhibition design and archiving, to press liaison and public relations. Since these tasks presuppose basic knowledge of archaeology the internship is particularly suitable for students undertaking a Masters degree.

Excavation Internship

Here, know-how for archaeological excavation is learned from the bottom up. This doesn’t just encompass excavation techniques, but also surveying, documentation, finds conservation and archiving. Incidentally, working in our international crews is also a lot of fun and offers good opprtunities for networking.

Research Internship

This internship takes an in-depth look at the scientific treatment of archaeological finds. It focuses on the analysis of stone artefacts and animal bones together with the construction and evaluation of appropriate databases. Main characteristics of artefact and bone identification should be known and participation in the appropriate basic classes is a requirement.


Our collegiate rooms are available for guest researchers and students by previous appointment only. With three apartments, four single and three double rooms our collegiate rooms offer researchers ideal conditions for a successful residency. Information and registration Heidrun Gräf:

Tel. +49 (0) 2631-977216