Celebrations for prodigies

Explore the world with curiosity and ambition, together with all your friends. Who is nature creature, top dog and social animal? Researching, playing, crafting, building, everyone has fun here. If not, then maybe you are already extinct?

Celebrations for prodigies

»Let there be light« – making a Stone Age lamp, »On the excavation«, »Looking good…« — making Stone Age jewellery with Stone Age tools, »Stone Age Olympic Games«

Stone Age close-up

»On a knife’s edge« – make your own Stone Age knife, »A hunting we will go« – Using bow and arrows and a spearthrower


Show us smoke signals, send us drum signals


Guided Tour for children through the exhibition + creative games and crafting activities

Duration: 2 hours

Age: 5 to 12 years


Please book by sending us an E-Mail to monrepos@leiza.de or call us at +49 2631 97 72-0


Grundpreis: 125 € (für bis zu 10 Kinder, inkl. Eintritt und Materialkosten).

12,50 € für jedes weitere Kind.
Up to two accompanying persons per group receive free admission.